How do I create an account?

Click the log in button at the top and register on the left side.

What file format should I use?

We strongly recommend you prepare your file as a High-Resolution PDF File with Bleed.

Do you offer custom sizes/quantities/etc?

Yes, let us know what it is you are looking for and we will provide you with a Quote and proceed from there.

Do you have templates?

Our template section is under development and will be coming soon.

What resolution should my file be?

For best result it should not be any less than 300DPI

How should I setup my files?

Under each product there is a button called Download PDF Guide which will show you how to setup your files.

What happens if my file is not setup correctly?

We will put your order on HOLD and contact you via email. Depending on the issue we might either send you a proof of what the results will look like or ask you to re-submit your file. To avoid any unwanted delays please make sure your files are setup and print-ready. Follow the PDF Guides located under every product.

What colour format should my file be?

Your files should always be in CMYK, anything else may result in a colour shift when other colour modes are converted into CMYK. For best results, the design file should start off as a CMYK colour mode.


Why do my prints look different from what I see on my Screen?

Please keep in mind that monitors are RGB and will give colours more brightness and saturation. You will never get the exact colour match to what you see on the screen especially if you're working with bright colours.

Can I use borders on my design?

For products such as business cards, we would recommend customers to avoid borders. If the border is too close to the edge, it may results in the final product looking off-centre slightly.

How do I get a Rich Black?

We are limited maximum ink coverage of 300%, anything over may result in many print related problems such as cracking. To achieve a rich black, we will recommend the values C30, M20, Y20, 100k


What should my value be for Black Text?

We will always require 100% K for black text (C0, M0, Y0, K100). Rich black should not be used for text or thin lines because it will result in fuzziness and misregistration issues


How should I setup my Blues and Purples?

Blues and Purples has always been a problem in the printing industry because the two colours are so close together in the CMYK spectrum. In order to ensure the two colours come up the correct tones, leave at least 15% differences in your Cyan and Magenta Values. (Example C100, M85, Y0, K0)
For print to look blue, Cyan > Magenta by 15%
For print to look purple, Cyan < Magenta by 15%

How should I setup my Red and Orange?

ed and Orange are also problematic on press because the two colours are close together in the CMYK spectrum. In order to ensure the two colours come up the correct tones, leave at least 15% differences in your Magenta and Yellow Values. (Example C0, M100, Y85, K0)
For print to look Red, Magenta > Yellow by 15%
For print to look Orange, Magenta < Yellow by 15%

Can I make changes to my order after I submit it?

Once you submit your order it will move to production and cannot be changed or cancelled.

What is the cut off time for submitting orders?

11:00 AM is the cut off time. The turnaround time for orders submitted after 11:00 AM will start the next day.