What is PIXOPAC?

We are an online printing company in Canada committed to providing our customers with premier quality products and an exceptional customer service.

Managing a business is not an easy task. Considering the day-to-day challenges of businesses in the 21st century, we stand by our customers by supporting them every step of the way. From full service marketing campaign planning all the way to branding and professional printing. And that is how we help you, by taking printing off your To Do list. 

Our dedicated consultants and design specialists work according to our client service standards meaning your satisfaction is our top priority. Business Cards, flyers, posters, banners and anything else you might need to get your campaign going. We value our clients and help them improve their branding and marketing skills taking advantage of over 20 years of experience shared by our team.

Even if PIXOPAC does not offer what you're looking for, our consultants will direct you towards our highly reputable partners allowing you to experience seamless order processing.


What do we offer?

PIXOPAC offers a variety of different printing products and more will be added soon as our business is growing rapidly. We are also in the process of developing our very own Editor, giving our clients the option of choosing Templates and creating their own custom designs quickly and efficiently.

Our main objective is to make your experience at PIXOPAC as fast and easy as possible with 100% satisfaction. This way you can focus on your own main goal. Making Your Business Grow!